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Atlantic Coast Appraisal Services, L.L.C.

Services Offered & Fee Schedule effective 09/01/2023 and subject to change as needed:

Residential Appraisal Reports

Single Family

1004 - URAR Standard Single Family Home       $400.00.....New construction add $100.00

1004 - Larger, Estate Type Properties              * $600.00 and up depending on the complexity of the assignment

1004 - Single Family FHA Report                         $475.00

1004 - Single Family with REO Addendum         $500.00

1004 - Single Family Investment                          $550.00.....includes Rent Schedule & 216 Operating Statement

1007  Rent & 216 Operating Statement        ** $150.00

2055 - Single Family Exterior Only Drive By       $375.00

Field Review - Single Family                                  $400.00



1073 - Condominium - URAR Standard               $400.00.....New Construction add $100.00

1073 - Condominium - FHA Report                     $475.00

1073 - Condominium with REO Addendum       $500.00

1073 - Condominium Investment                        $550.00.....includes Rent Schedule & Operating Statement

1075 - Condominium Exterior Only Drive By     $375.00

Field Review - Condominium                                $400.00


Multi Family - Income Property                           2 Units        3 Units        4 Units

1025 - Two - Four Family                                       $550.00      $575.00       $600.00

1025 - Two - Four Family FHA Report                 $625.00      $650.00       $675.00

1025 - With REO Addendum                                 $625.00      $650.00       $675.00

Field Review - Multi Family                                   $550.00      $575.00       $600.00


Final Inspections                                                     1 Unit         2 to 4 Units

Final Inspection Fee - SF, Condo, or Multi         $150.00         $175.00

Trip Fee - No Show Fee

Trip Fee - If Access person No Shows       ***   $150.00

Rush - Priority Request

Rush Priority Request Fee                                   $150.00 minimum additional fee

Job Assignment Cancellation Fee

During or after Inspection                                   $100.00 


Other Services Available

The above Services & Fees list the most common and basic of Residential Appraising work assignments, however Atlantic Coast Appraisal Services, L.L.C. is able to fulfill many other of the more obscure demands in the appraisal field. (Rural Properties, Foreclosures, High End Estate Type Properties, Waterfront properties,etc).

Please call 609-891-4163 or e-mail for more information on specific assignment requests.

Drive By - Exterior Only Assignments - 2055's

Drive-By appraisals are accepted only when extraordinary conditions exist, such as (hostile tenants, foreclosure or eviction, property in dangerous environments or condemned structures, unsafe to enter interior, etc). These conditions would allow us to accept the assignment; otherwise we routinely decline and discourage Drive-By assignments as we can not truly verify the information concerning many details of the subject without a proper full inspection. We will not miss-state facts, speculate, or insert unconfirmed details in relation to the subject's interior which are supplied by a third party that we can not verify ourselves.

We do not wish to alienate our clients and do hope you understand our position. It is our belief that this policy is also a safeguard to our clients when confronted with a lending decision on a property without a full inspection and true verifiable facts as to it's overall condition.

If a Drive-By Exterior-Only assignment is still preferred, it is available at a slightly lower ($25.00 less) fee as a regular Full Appraisal.


"Comp Checks" - "Ballparks" 

Atlantic Coast Appraisal Services, L.L.C., has made a business decision to not be involved in "Comp Checks" and searching for "Ballpark" figures as we feel this takes up a great deal of time for which volumes of records must be created and kept for 5 years, usually to no one's benefit. We have abandoned this practice to concentrate our efforts in other areas, such as completing actual jobs that have been assigned to us in a timely manner. Our intention is not to offend anyone and we appreciate your understanding. 


*     Larger, Estate type properties are billed on Scope of Work and assignment length.

**   1007 Rent & 216 Operating Statement. ($150.00) if requested seperately or added later to an existing report.                                                                  

***  Trip Fee - Charged to Lender/Client if Borrower or property access person No-Shows appointment.


We hope by stating all of the above terms and fees as we have, that confusion or misunderstandings can be avoided at a future time.


Above fees are effective as of 09/01/2023 and are subject to change.

Thank you for choosing Atlantic Coast Appraisal Services, L.L.C.

Payment can be made by Cash, Money Order, Personal or Business Check. As of 10/15/2022 we have suspended our acceptance of credit cards indefinately. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Payment is necessary on the date of inspection of the subject property.

A proper receipt of monies paid will be issued on company letterhead for your records if desired.

Completed Appraisal Reports can be transmitted electronically in a .pdf format, an ACI Appraisal Software format, a Mismo XML format, or a hard paper copy, whichever is requested.


Atlantic Coast Appraisal Services, L.L.C. Phone: 609-891-4163 

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